SfC&D partnership provides expert advice and intelligence about the sector workforce, now and in the future, we work in partnership with a range of research organisations, employers and sector bodies to better understand the challenges facing our sector.

This has included innovative research to help ensure workforce development leads to better outcomes for service users, ensuring that employers invest in skills and learning that has an impact that leads to better, more efficient services. SfC&D has demonstrated through research that workforce development generally has a positive impact upon outcomes for service users. We now aim to provide employers with the practical tools and information they need to find the right workforce development options for their organisation, improving learning and achieving better value for money from their investment.

SfC&D research has also aimed to help the sector to attract and retain the best talent, whether managers and leaders, outstanding professionals or simply people with the commitment and attributes to be world class carers. We aim to be able to match the right people with the right skills to jobs that make a difference to people's lives, throughout their lives.

SfC&D has undertaken research to establish what the perceptions of the sector amongst the general public, jobseekers and the general public are. The findings from this research will inform our work with employers to promote jobs and careers in the sector.