Introducing you to your careers options

Care is one of the fastest growing areas of employment in the UK, with more and more people needing our services. Never before have there been so many great career opportunities. We want to help you make well informed decisions about pursuing a career in care.

We live in a world of perpetual change; in a society when more and more of us are out at work and all of us are living longer than ever before. Our needs are changing; our demands are increasing. We all want to live in a society that is healthy, prosperous, tolerant, safe, fair and inclusive. So as the structure and complexity of our society changes then so too must the care and support we provide to vulnerable individuals, children and families.

Are you are moving to the UK from another country and want to work in social work or care? Or are you already here, and want to move into or within a career in social work or care? Please visit the Careers in care section of this website and our 'A_Question_of_Care_'. These should provide you with the information and contacts you will need to get started. Find out how a career in care could be your job for life. Good luck!

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