The sector employs 1.87 million people across the UK, and its work impacts upon the lives of almost every person in the population; a SfC&D study showed that 70% of people have personal or immediate family experience of using sector services. SfC&D has worked closely with delivery partners across the UK to set the standards all care workers should be working to. We have unrivalled access to the 62,400 employers in the care and development sector, via strategic level networks across the UK.

The UK population is aging; over the last 25 years the percentage of the population aged 65 and over increased from 15 per cent in 1985 to 17 per cent in 2010. By 2035, 23 per cent of the population is projected to be aged 65 and over compared to 18 per cent aged under 16.

Therefore, more and more people will need our services than ever before, over the coming years. Although this is challenging for the economy, and many speculators are referring to it as a 'ticking time-bomb', for our workforce, it means unavoidable growth, and a need to work more efficiently than ever before. If we don't invest in, and promote excellent care and children's services, many people will need to leave the workplace to care for family and friends. The 'displacement' value of our workforce is extremely high, and fundamental to economic and industrial growth in the UK.

For more information on the variety of job roles which make up your care services, please visit the Careers in care section of this website. 

Sources: Mid-year population estimates, Office for National Statistics; The National Register Office for Scotland; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. Population projections for 2035 are ONS National Population Projections (NPP) 2008 based.